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The Carnarvon

Teversal is located in Nottinghamshire, approx 3 miles west of Mansfield. The village is near the Derbyshire border, within the town vicinity of Sutton in Ashfield. This historic rural area attracts many.

The Carnarvon Pub and Restaurant is famously reputed to be where D H Lawrence (David Herbert Lawrence, born Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, 1885) wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover, in the Ship Room. This room has original character very evident. The restaurant and bar areas offer impressive dining/drinking experiences, too. A warm greeting is extended to all – today by Matt. After viewing the attractive, different areas, within the Carnarvon, perusing the menu(s) is a ‘journey of cuisine’.

Starter dishes offer excellent choices, including Prawn Cocktail – always a winner, plus Creamy Garlic Mushrooms, in a sauce made with double cream on garlic bread and accompanied with a crisp salad. Combo Starters to Share are also very popular. Main courses have Lamb Rump with a Rosemary, Mint and Cranberry Jus, plus Braised Beef, Lasagne, Pork Escalope and more. Chicken dishes, Fish options and Meats from the Grill have regular diners – good to see local residents enjoying, too. My choice was for Fillet Steak, which arrived with fried mushrooms and onion rings. Having superb tenderness and excellent presentation, this succulent, flavoursome dish warranted ‘Compliments to Chef’, absolutely! All main courses are served with an impressive selection of freshly prepared vegetables and chips. If seasonal salad and new potatoes are requested, these are available too, all with complimentary ‘top-ups’. Head Chef Jamie, with his brigade of chefs and kitchen personnel, ensure all dishes are presented perfectly.

Desserts (save some room) have Ice Cream based choices, Puddings and more. I opted for Deluxe Melted Chocolate Fudge Cake (Chocolate pudding between two layers of dark moist chocolate-drenched cake). Described as, ‘A chocoholic’s dream’ – was it? Oh yes! Finish with Tea/Coffee/Chocolate and/or a liqueur, if you wish and fully enjoy the ‘after-meal feeling’ of complete satisfaction! Booking is advisable, which is easy online, also. Gift vouchers are available. Thank you to Abbie for advice and exemplary service throughout. A most recommended pub and restaurant.

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Trevor Langley

The Carnarvon

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